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For those not in the know, Marvel owns a property called Inhumans. The story of this alien race involves being highly advanced humans who live in the city of Attilan, a home that has eventually migrated off-planet, onto the moon. They are the result of experiments conducted by the Kree alien race, and have harnessed special powers by developing Terrigen Mist, which has allowed them selective breeding in order to replicate their exceptionalism. In case you need a filmic reference, both Korath (Djimon Honsou) and Ronan (Lee Pace) from Guardians Of The Galaxy are Kree, likely descended from Inhuman creators.

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The leader of the Inhuman Royal Family is Black Bolt (aka Blackagar Boltagon - really), who has the ability to generate a concussive force through the use of his voice. The coup in getting Diesel to potentially play this role is that nerds need not fret about Marvel universe crossover: Groot only makes use of Diesel's voice, but because of his powers, Black Bolt is essentially a mute. Whatever the situation, it would be good casting, since Black Bolt is the kind of character who has to command respect as soon as he walks into a room. When you see this badass, who doesn't flinch and cower?

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Marvel Comics recently featured a massive crossover event called Inhumanity, which found the race decamping for Earth after a massive tragedy, as new Inhumans rose up amongst humanity. It was very much like the furor surrounding mutant-kind during X-Men storylines, so many readers found it vaguely familiar. But if Marvel is truly attempting to align their movie universe with their comic book one, the Inhumans could be their own X-Men, born with abilities beyond mortal men, estranged from those around them, viewed as a danger to society. There are already whispers that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, mutants in the comics, will be called Inhumans in Avengers: Age Of Ultron.