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Beware of EXPANSYS Extended Warranty!!! [Samsung Galaxy Note5 (Dual SIM) SM-N9200 - 281852]

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I purchased...


    • EXPANSYS Extended Service Plan (For Smartphones) (US)


    • Samsung GALAXY Note 4 N910U (Unlocked LTE, 32GB, White)



My phone has been acting strangely: Game frames have been dropping drastically and the eye detector sensor does not work anymore and so I sent the phone in with a detailed message regarding the problems I have been having. I followed all their rules and regulations on returning everything with the original box and contents and paid for shipping out of my pocket.


So after a month of not having my phone Expansys support emails me telling me that they Factory reseted my phone and cleared all the chached data that I did not need and now everything should be back to normal.  I immediately replied asking them about the main two reasons why I sent in the items and they completely shot me down and haven't heard back from them.


I could've saved money and time if that is all they were going to do. I will never again purchase any kind of warranty with Expansys and will not be reccommending anyone to buy any type of warranty as they will not help you fix your problem and just ignore you.


I really thought by purchasing the warranty that I would be safe in the long wrong but I was wrong.  Do not waste your time trying to have a long term business relation with this Company- EXPANSYS.