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My experience with the S20 Ultra [Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G Dual-SIM SM-G9860 - 321900]

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Some background about myself: I've been using Android for more than 8 years now with the occasional iPhone here and there most recent 11 Pro Max). The newest Androids I own are the S10+, One Plus 7 Pro, and the Pixel 3XL tried the 4XL but ended up returning it). But introduction aside, here is why I think you should get the S20, or even the S10 instead of the Ultra. Camera: I could definitely tell the differences in terms of detail compared to my S10+, Pixel, and iPhone; the zoom detail is shockingly good. However, Samsung still needs to work on its color reproduction, exposure, and aggressive skin smoothing. With 90 of the pictures I've taken, the highlights are either blown out in clouds or lightning, or the colors are over-saturated. When my wife took a picture of my face, it smoothed out my skin and over-brightened my skin tone--which I can see some people enjoying, but not my cup of tea personally. There's also focusing issues, and I ended up with a lot more blurry pictures than I hoped for. What I do like about the camera is how crisp everything looks. The dynamic range on it is phenomenal, well, excluding the blown out highlights and clouds. Samsung's night mode is also very well done. Again, the detail in it beats the competition, but because of the higher MP things are a lot more noisier than phones that aren't. The noise, plus all the issues I mentioned before makes taking pictures at night a bit... well, worrying? What I mean by this is, I know I'm going to get a really detailed picture, but most of the time it's going to be compromised by Samsung's aggressive software and all the other issues mentioned above. But when everything does work the images look great. I would say it's comparable to Google's night mode, but personally, I still prefer Apple's because it captures the essence of the night better, and is overall more balanced. However, the Ultra can shoot night mode in ultra-wide whereas the Pixel and iPhone can't... although I wouldn't recommend doing so because the images aren't that good. Everyone knows that Samsung has amazing hardware, but that alone isn't going to put them above the Pixel and iPhone. Unless you zoom in a lot or are looking to enlarge your photos, 108MP is simply overkill if you're only looking at photos on your phone and tablet. In this case, you're getting a diminishing returns in-terms of detail, and should really be looking for other things like color saturation, highlight and shadow balancing, focus consistency, and in general just better camera software. The "8K" video recording is also very inconsistent. Stabilization is very good, but colors, and transitioning from frame to frame is very very choppy, and the focusing is also all over the place. Just because you "can" do 8K doesn't mean you should. 4K60 is a lot better, and should be the mode you should shoot on, but unfortunately it's still not in iPhone territory. Display/Battery/Performance: Nothing much to say here. Amazing. Once you go 120 hertz, you just can't go back. There are other phones that can also do high refresh rate, but not with the same quality of display that the Ultra uses. Although you're limited to FHD, I think it's well worth the trade-off. I d