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MMS [Samsung SGH-e715 - 111014]

  • Vbee76
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I've got a T-Mobile branded E715 and have had problems with the MMS on this phone. Through some intensive searching on the net I've managed to get the thing to send MMS's but for some bizarre reason, I cannot recieve MMS's. I get a message saying message retrieval failed' or something like that. I'm with the Vodafone network in Australia. I also find that this phone is incompatible with other phones. Functionality like sending business cards/phone numbers (nokia and sony-ericsson can do this)and sending ringtones and pics via IRDA are not available. What use is the IRDA port if it can't connect to other devices? I couldn't even get it to connect with a laptop that has IRDA. Am seriously thinking of flashing the stupid thing but the data cable i got from Ebay seems to only charge the phone. The computer doesn't recognise the phone as a device. Any help you can provide me with would be much appreciated.