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V200 has stopped charging [Samsung V200 - 104997]

  • Vee
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I have had my V200 for two years now, and have never had a problem, until about a month ago I plugged the mains adaptor cable in and nothing happened. After wiggling the connection a little bit (like the layman I am!) it connected fine. Sadly, the problem slowly got worse and the contacts inside the phone became loose. I tried bending them back into shape and using rolled up paper to wedge the contacts in place. This seemed to solve my problem at first, but a few days ago again I had to wiggle to get the connection. Then I had to hold the charger in place, as the charging stopped if I let go. Now, nothing happens, no matter now much I adjust the connection. I am absolutely useless at phones, and am at my wits end. The battery is about to die as I write, and I know whilst it would be a good idea to just get a new phone I am very attached to my photos and the like. Can anybody suggest anything? (I am pretty sure the warranty is void by now, as if it has not run out the phone has been unlocked - t-mobile SIM in an Orange handset.) Thanks guys - Vee