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Help me!! My Phone Freeze... [Samsung Z500 - 123213]

I've this Samsung Z500 phone. Now...There something wrong with it. Once I switch on...after 1 minute or less...the phone suddenly freeze. I press any button, it won't work. Even if i switch it off, it still remain the same. Even if I flip it...the light from the screen still can be seen from the side. I don't know why...Any idea with it...really need help here
  • selene
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How long have you had the phone? Sounds faulty to me. I'd take it back to wherever you got it from and get them to replace it Selene -- Forum Search - you know you want to...
  • andrecook
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I had same problem... Just take your SIM card out... turn your phone on... *2767*3855# put this code in... It will reset your phone... and will erase everything you have got(Contacts, music,images,video,sounds,games...) My phone had exactly the same problem i did that and it works again... Thanks AndreCook
Hi another way is to reset your settings because this was what happened to me today.U turn on the phone and quickly go to the settings menu and reset settings itll go bak to the original settings but u will still have the contacts, music, images, video, sounds and games. The code should be 00000000 and after you confirm the phone should switch off and switch on again. lil_miz_qtie