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Works with Orange SPV M2000, but not XP: Help! [SanDisk 2GB SD Ultra II 66x Card - 121441]

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The 2GB card finally arrived (rather late) and works in the SPV M2000, but not in XP with the card reader I also bought ( The card reader had no problems reading my 32MB card from the phone, but using the 2GB card and clicking on the "Removable Disk" icon in explorer reports: --------------------------- Disk is not formatted --------------------------- The disk in drive F is not formatted. Do you want to format it now? --------------------------- Yes No --------------------------- Even though I have saved files onto it from my SPV M2000 phone. If I click Yes, the PC thinks for a bit, the light on the reader flashes a lot, and then I get: --------------------------- Disk is not formatted --------------------------- The disk in drive F cannot be formatted. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- Any help appreciated. Jonathan. Update: A "Lexar JumpDrive Trio" SD card reader which I was able to borrow did work. The Expansys supplied KingMax one just didn't work, and neither did another generic unbranded card reader from another colleague. Hmmm.