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In stock or not?? [SanDisk 4GB micro SD Ultra with USB Reader - 172874]

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Looks like a nice card and was showing (and still is) as: Availability: 100+ In Stock Now


... great I thought, a little on the small side, but it's definately in stock so I'll go with it since my old phone stopped working over the weekend and need to replace it (for work) asap. As soon as I placed my order this memory card showed a status of  'Estimated 6 Days' in order now my 600+ phone order is being held up by over a week because of a 20 memory card. So is it in stock or not??


What really annoys me is I am now given the option to part ship my order at a cost of over 15 .So now I have to do without the phone for another week or pay another €15 (!) to ship the memory card in a week?? I know you probably try to standardize shipping costs, but seriously this is feeling like a bit of a scam. I can understand if the stock was showing 1 or 2 left, but when there is apparently 100+ "In Stock Now" is seems very unfair to turn around and say, actually its not in stock at all and if you want the phone any time soon it'll cost youanother 15.


I've read the forums a little and looks like you guys do try to answer questions that come up, but as a first time buyer I have to say I'm very disappointed so far... (not to mention getting no reply to the 3 emails I submitted relating to the extra money request I was sent without explination, after fully paying for my original order. I think it may have been related to ordering from UK version of site when I didn't realise there was an Irish one too)

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Looking at the history you have been a bit unlucky with your 1st order with us.

It looks like everything was in stock when you placed the original order,

however, in between that order being cancelled and the new order being placed some items sold out . 

I will try and speed things up for you. 

When did you sent the 3 E-mails? I can't see a record of them. 


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Thanks for the reply, I know this is somewhat of a deviation from the item itself so I'll get right to the point:

24 August 2009 14:06:36

24 August 2009 21:59:56

25 August 2009 01:16:04

All were sent to as it stated at the bottom of the order details screen. I take it however since you have no record of them, maybe that address isn't being monitored?


 Edit: Looks like you helped sort it, thanks.