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Sony Ericsson HCA-20 Advanced Car Handsfree – Support Forum

HCA-20 T610/T630 Feedback & Bang [Sony Ericsson HCA-20 Advanced Car Handsfree - 102191]

I work for a company that installs handsfree kits and does PMR work. We are having several problems with the HCA-20 and the Sony Ericsson T610 / T630. We have about 15 customers with different vehicles all with external aerials and all complaining of the same problem. The problem being they are all getting terrible feedback at both ends of the line and when they take the phone out of the cradle there is a large bang from the speaker. I have tried a master reset on a couple of the phones and have replaced phones which have the lastest firmware on them but they still have the same problem. I have replaced the kit on 2 of the cars and this still doesn't fixed the problem. Please can someone help and give me some advice because i've run out of ideas????? Thanks in advance

I have the same problem as you. Hope to have an answer to this soon.

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