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Tethering Setup - AUS / Telstra [Sony Xperia 1 Dual-SIM J9110 - 315984]

  • jebel70
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I had previously had a gripe about the tethering on this phone not working in reviews)...turns out it was the APN setup on Telstra. The auto-config download from Telstra either does not provide the correct settings or they don't load properly, either way, the solution is to enter an APN manually - this thread shows the correct settings:

Telstra Hotspot APN Settings

For those that just want the details:

Name - Telstra broadband

APN - telstra.internet

MCC - 505

MNC - 01

APN type - DUN

APN protocol - IPv4

APN roaming protocol - IPv4

All other settings were left as their default values

  • NateM Staff
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Thanks a lot for the follow-up. Good to know.