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S6 Edge + to Z5P [Sony Xperia Z5 Premium E6853 - 282355]

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It's been a very long time since I made a post, I currently have a galaxy s6 edge + where as the Marshmellow update has made a significant difference I can't help but crave another HTC or Sony device again. 

My phone history is massive in the last 12 months alone I've owned:- 

Nexus 5 

Sony Xperia Z2 

HTC One M9 

Nexus 6p. 

I miss the vanilla devices, but I got bored with the 6p very quickly and it did often feel like it was going to fall apart. 


Now I know the Z5p has It's issues, and the screen is natively 1080p and not 4k, this isn't something that bothers me, you'll never really notice the difference between 1080p, 2k and 4k on a screen that small anyways. I like Sony devices, they're very understated and minimal. I don't see many either. 

My question is, is it worth getting rid of the edge + for the Z5p or should I wait and see what happens over the next few months? 


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Well, the next round of devices have been mostly announced already, the new Xperia X Series, S7, G5, etc. I would assume there probably won't be more major announcements except for the HTC 10 until late summer/fall.

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I'm really looking forward to seeing the HTC 10... It looks to be a great device should the leaks be real, just a shame HTC have killed off the dual front facing speakers.