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Unrecognized Card [TDS Holux GM-270 CF GPS Card - 126144]

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I have a Hp Ipaq h2210 and I have been using a Holux Gps ultra for three days. everything was working fine last night but when i turned it on this morning i get the error message "unrecognized card Enter the name of the driver for this card." I have done a soft boot, a hard boot and i have even uninstalled everything on the memory card. Oh and i took it out just in case. When i use GPS viewer i get another error message "Cannot open COMPORT" I have reinstalled everthing drivers, Gps viewer but still nothing. I have run out of ideas can anybody tell me If the problem is to do with the GPS or the Ipaq. Thanks Lumi...
Odd - I occasionally get this with an hx4700 and a CF card (memory storage, not GPS). Soft reset fixes this. Could be a plan to remove the card, full hard reset, insert the card with NOTHING installed on your IPAQ and see if it detects it. Make sure it's a full hard reset tho - the one that wipes EVERYTHING from your system. If no joy, I would say it's the card or the slot. Most card readers come with a CF slot so perhaps pick up a cheap one from Asda or something and try the GPS on a PC. Hope this helps!! :p