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TOM TOM POI Limit [TomTom GO GPS Car Navigation System - 112333]

  • howardw
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I have just bought a new 700 after my 300 got stolen. Thieves smashed the window of my car and stole the 300 hidden under seat. They saw the sucker device in window, they didnt touch anything else, even an IPOD. So please do look out everyone, no more leaving the sucker on display for me, my insurance didnt even cover it, as its classed as personal posession. It also cost me 60 for the window, expensive day ! Anyway the problem I have is my nice new 2.2 gig hardrive, I want to fill it up so I downloaded lots of POI's. but horror, I can't use them! There seems to be a limit on total POI's you can have in TOMTOM. I hit it at around 33 new ones added to the inbuilt ones from TOMTOM. Anyone know about this at all ? Is there a limit, does size of POI matter, can I merge similar POI's using POI edit and reduce the file number so i can use them ? In other words is the file number the limit i.e. 33 + inbuilt or does it depend how large my 33 files are ? Thanks.
  • conroyd
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Howie I can't say for definite with teh 700, but there was a maximum of 40 POI's with the classic, although this has temporarily been reduced to 27 with Firmware 5.2.
  • ScaredyCat
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TomTom have been made aware of this and say they will correct it in the next firmware release... the suggestion is that it will happen in August.. (as ever no promises about the delivery time) SC ------ This message may contain traces of nuts.
No Promises eh!'s been delivered...just got lost enroute! OHP Acetate screen protection still going strong ;)