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TT One Europe - return from USA and lost signal [TomTom ONE GPS Car Navigation System - 127669]

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Hi! I'm very new here so I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong bit.  I don't own a TT myself, don't even have a car actually but I'm an assistant to someone that does and has passed me his TT to fix. Lucky me.

He's just come back from the USA and now when the TT is turned on it says GPS signal lost and it looks like the map is of someplace in Florida even though we're in London.

I have already taken out the SD card with the USA maps on. The European maps should be in there by default. I've left it on to see if it will pick up a signal but nothing. There aren't many buttons either. What would be the consequence if I pushed that 'reset' button? As this is my boss's I don't really want to get too experimental with it...

 Thank you very much, any ideas appreciated!


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Put the card back in, go thro the menu system.

There is an option to change the maps.

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Yes, and leave it outside for up to 30 mins or more because it is looking for a signal from the wrong sats at the moment and takes a while to catch on that it should be looking for the ones that cover the UK. You must select UK maps too and don't reset it. Oh and read the stickys!