Huawei Freebuds 3 Wireless Earbuds Reviews From Other Regions

  • Huawei Freebuds 3 using friendly
  • by Frank / 30/03/2021
  • It is very convenient for daily using and connecting with the mobile phone very easy.
  • Great - best earbuds even
  • by Neville / 5/03/2021
  • These work just great. Near perfect sound. Great for calls. great for fit. Good noise reduction. What can I say.
  • Excellent with minor issues
  • by Daryl Wathen / 8/12/2020
  • It is a fantastic pair of earbuds. Good sound quality and fit. Good battery. Easy to use. Great. Worth it. However, when trying to connect with my huawei watch then huawei phone, it struggles to switch between the two. It is frustrating. Also, the difference in volume between full volume and just below it is surprisingly big. Sometimes it feels like the full volume is a little too loud but then I lower it slightly but it jumps to much softer than I wanted. A minor issue.