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This product has been discontinued, the information below is for reference purposes only.

Key features:

  • Connectivity
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
  • Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
Brand: Jabra / SKU: 260041 / Mfr: 100-96400000-37 / EAN: 615822005968

Jabra ROX Wireless Description

Small and sleek but packs a massive beat. Enjoy high definition Dolby Digital Plus sound with a sleek, solid, secure fit. Jabra Rox Wireless are fit for music gurus on the go. Cut free from the wires without compromising great sound. Rox wireless allows easy control and management of your calls and playlists.  

Rox Wireless' design is also renowned for great sound and based on the original design of the in-ear monitors used by pros in the music industry for pedigree sound and super-strong bass. If you can handle an extra boost,  Jabra's exclusive Sound App player with Dolby Digital Plus is included in the package.

Rox Wireless compact solid steel casing protects against dust and water, and can endure all the elements of an active life. Featuring exclusive power-saving magnets, Rox Wireless charges while your ear buds are not in use – just click them together and the power-saving mode is activated. Furthermore, these small, lightweight ColorCore EarGels are designed for enhanced sound and complete comfort.

They stay intact during the most energetic activities, but optional EarWings are also included should you need to lock them in place. Personalise your listening using Jabra Sound App, listen to your music and stream YouTube tracks in high-definition Dolby Digital Plus sound. Compile playlists, share music and balance the graphic equalizer for an enhanced listening experience.

Highlighted Features

  • High definition Dolby® Digital Plus enhanced sound with the exclusive Jabra Sound App
  • ?
  • Cable controls for easy music and call management
  • Life proof: weather and dust resistant
  • ?
  • Premium materials: Kevlar reinforced cable design, solid steel earbuds
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  • Magnetic earbuds: Save battery when the headset is not in use
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  • NFC for easy pairing

In the Box

  • Jabra ROX Wirelss
  • 4 ColorCore EarGels
  • 3 EarWings (Small, medium, large)
  • USB Charge cable

Shipping Weight: 0.17kg

Technical Details

  • Connectivity
  • Wireless Technology: Bluetooth
  • Supports Bluetooth™ for wireless connectivity
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Supports Bluetooth® version 4.0
  • AVRCP: Yes
  • You can control your music from this device when it's streaming from another device, such as your mobile phone
  • MFI Chipset (Apple): No
  • This product does not have MFI Chipset
  • Auto Pairing: Yes
  • With Auto Pairing, a device pairs automatically with Bluetooth® devices supporting this feature
  • NFC Near Field Communications - Perimeter Pairing: Yes
  • Near Field Communications (NFC) or Perimeter Pairing is an easy pairing functionality that connects two devices that are in close proximity to each other.
  • Music Streaming: Yes
  • Device can stream music from a source, such as a Smartphone, Bluetooth enabled laptop, tablet, or MP3 player
  • Speakers
  • Frequency Response: Hifi
  • Speakers with a hifi frequency sound produce a sound range well suited for realistic sound reproduction, e.g. Music
  • Digital Signal Processing: Yes
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is a technology that digitally optimizes your voice and music and suppresses echoes
  • Microphone
  • Microphone Type: Omni Directional/noise filter
  • Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office.
  • Microphone Sensitivity: Standard (E-STD)
  • Standard (STD) variation microphone sensitivity is comparable to a normal telephone receiver and is used in most telephone devices.
  • Mute function: Yes
  • Mute gives you the option to mute/unmute the microphone directly on the device
  • Battery & Power
  • Talk Time: Up to 5.5 hours
  • Talk Time is the maximum time you can talk before a device runs out of power
  • Standby Time: Up to 190 hour(s)
  • Standby Time is the maximum time a device can remain powered on
  • Music streaming time: 6 hour
  • Music Streaming Time is the maximum time you can stream music before a device runs out of power
  • USB Charging: Yes
  • USB Charging enables a device to be charged via a USB cable
  • Battery Status Indicator: Charge alert
  • A visible battery status indicator
  • Design
  • Wearing Style: In the ear
  • In the ear devices are worn in the ear
  • Ear Cushion Type: Ear gels S
  • Small (S) sized ear gels
  • Control
  • Movement Sensors: No
  • There is no Movement Sensor on this device
  • Vibrator: No
  • There is no vibration function on this device

Jabra ROX Wireless Reviews

  • jabra rox
  • by Anonymous / 04 September 2014
  • I been looking for these wireless inear buds everywhere and buying it in expansys was the best idea good delivery service had no problem with it until now expansys will always be my first choice
  • 사욕이
  • by Wan Soo Lee / 14 August 2014
  • 간편함
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