MiniX NEO Z83-4 Windows 10 Fanless Mini PC Reviews From Other Regions

  • A Great Little PC
  • by Glennieb / 1/09/2017
  • I had been looking for a mini pc for a long time and this one fit the bill to a T. Built in Windows 10 and enought ports to suit my needs. I use it as a connection device to my TV. It works very well but you need to realise the hard disk is small so its a good idea to direct all of your downloads to a secondary HDD as well as loading on any software. For the price and the size this was a great buy, I czn use it for surfing but mainly its to play back movies and TV series that have been downloaded. A very useful tool.
  • Screen stutter
  • by John Lozo / 31/08/2017
  • Any type of full screen video, wether it's streaming or from the h/drive has stuttering & jerking motion to it it is there a fix for this?