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Mobile Action i-gotU GT-120 USB GPS Travel Logger Reviews From Other Regions

  • great!
  • by Anonymous / 28/07/2015
  • do the job!
  • Ladekabel
  • by goboeh / 1/05/2015
  • Alles in Ordnung
  • Mobile Action USB Charging Data Cable for Travel Logger
  • by Mr. X / 2/04/2013
  • Good partner, fast delivery!!! Thank you and good luck
  • Basic little gadget that does the job
  • by Anonymous / 23/06/2012
  • This is a basic / pure data logger without any frills. Given that for double the price you could buy a garmin etrex that tracks GPS and GLONAS, the benefit of this one is that is is very small and light, there is nothing of a manual to read through and one is not tempted /distracted to check a GPS screen (this is also what made me go for the igotU rather than the Holux M-241 which also has the benefit of running on an AA battery together with a bit of a display and the option to change settings on the instrument). BAsic also means that settings cannot be changed without connection to computer which might be a bit of a problem when you go on holiday and change between different activities. Phototagging works very well as well as track logging. The sports activities software is not bad but as the elevation is the soft spot of the a L1 GPS with this specification, it was suggested that it climbed 600m on my 20km ride along a reasonably flat coast road (on the way back I onlyclimbed 400m). Position accuracy with clear skyview is <+-5m in ~90% of cases but while walking ont the pavement with 2 story houses on either side the position can jump by up to 20m (which again can make any distance calculations overestimating. People have mentioned that the LEDs are faint, and indeed they are but even on a sunny day if you shade the instrument with your hand, you can make out the limited blinking patterns. Only time will tell how long the battery charge will last (there is no way of telling the charge state apart from when it is dead), how long the battery itselft will last or how long the unique cable connection will last, but if you want a very small and light no frills tracker for geotagging photos and created a track, this seems the thing; if you might want to get a bit more out of it, spent double and buy GPS.
  • I-gotU is Fantastic
  • by Piro / 16/05/2012
  • Love it, great little gizmo. I want another one now :)
  • bkeszi
  • by joe / 18/02/2012
  • régóta használom és kifogástalanul működik ez a mostani ami a harmadik, a többi hibás volt, a feltöltött anyagokat meg lehet tekinteni: oldalon, sok sikert jó szórakozást!
  • Cumpre o prometido
  • by Anonymous / 20/02/2014
  • Comprei este produto para geo-referenciar as fotos da minha Canon porque tinha um outro aparelho que deixou de funcionar. Até agora não tenho qualquer razão de queixa.
  • Good value
  • by Anonymous / 23/10/2011
  • Good value for money. Don't expect $600 specifications for $60
  • Mr
  • by Martin / 11/11/2010
  • I've been using the unit for about two weeks now and have been very impressed with it, save for 2 negatives: firstly it can only be on or off (no pause button!) and secondly there is no print function.
  • i-gotu 120
  • by Mark / 21/03/2011
  • Good for the price, but too many negatives: Hard to see LEDs in daylight Mistakes in altitude (at 1 point I was 10 metres below sea level!) Mistakes with speed (slow speeds like hiking up hill) My advice would be to hold out until they have an upgrade or 2.
  • Not great so far!
  • by Colin Mill / 24/09/2013
  • I've not had too much chance to try out the i-gotU since I got it but when I have used it I've found it to be unreliable. Used it last Saturday morning to map out a 2 hour walk and it kept on losing signal, eventually refusing to find a signal at all, despite the fact that my iPhone was still latched onto a gps signal! This happened again Monday when I tried it on 3 different occasions, the last time it took 10 minutes to register a signal! The software itself is easy to use and quite intuitive but if the unit continues to be so unreliable I shall be returning the item forthwith! I'll give it another go tomorrow to see how it behaves.
  • Not for Mac's
  • by Anonymous / 14/02/2012
  • I just bought one of these and have spent many frustrating hours trying to make it work on my Mac. The bottom line: This product is not compatible with Mac in any way shape or form so only buy it if you are a PC user.