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Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset Reviews From Other Regions

  • Voyager Legend
  • by George Boden / 20/10/2017
  • I Fully recommend this device.
  • Voyager Legend
  • by Cabacoop / 7/01/2017
  • Comfortable to wear, great interface, good battery life
  • Great device
  • by Anonymous / 15/07/2016
  • Great Bluetooth device. . A1
  • bluetooth headset
  • by Anonymous / 13/01/2016
  • excellent value for money. Best device ever
  • Perfect
  • by Anonymous / 9/05/2015
  • Perfect cannot fault it. Works well with 2 phones simultaneously
  • everything is fine
  • by Anonymous / 24/08/2014
  • very nice
  • Excellent product
  • by amhsiu / 11/12/2013
  • Crystal clear even on a noisy commute. Long battery life. Light and conform well to ear.
  • 好用
  • by Anonymous / 3/09/2013
  • 好用
  • hmmm
  • by Anonymous / 12/05/2014
  • Calls are clear.. no doubt about it..BUT.. you can get that with cheaper earpieces. The usb charger required a little magnetic gadget which is bound to get lost.. so you can't just borrow a freinds usb cable anymore.. you have to take this little gadget with you and risk losing it.. I doubt anyone is going to sell them as spares so you can throw away your earpiece.. Nice...Voice commands are a joke.. like stepping back 5 yrs... Caller ID does not work.... Stupid think keeps dialling last called number after you hang up and start talking to someone else.. I honestly wouldnt buy another one.. its very bulky.. it is comfortable to wear I will give it that but fiddly to put on while busy.... I had a $50 plantronics one before this.. It worked and was very comfy.. call quality was great..(until it went through the wash...Then it just wasn't loud enough) find something else guys.. this thing is not worth the $$$
  • Have two of the legends
  • by Phillip / 9/07/2016
  • Have had two of the earpieces both cost over $100 worked well haven't had that long didn't meet my expectations both stopped working not happy as I rely on these products to work and last longer not happy