3.0 Returns:

3.1 Returns Eligibility

Returns Eligibility: Most items may be returned for any reason within 14 days from the date of dispatch. Some exceptions apply. Eligible items are classified as either Faulty, Non-Faulty (Change-of-Mind), or Damaged On Arrival (DOA) returns.

Faulty Returns: If the goods are found to be faulty within 14 days, customers are entitled for either a full refund or replacement. Expansys will cover round-trip shipping on Faulty returns.

Non-Faulty (Change-of-Mind) Returns: If you want to return the goods which are NON-DEFECTIVE within the 14 days period, please note that the returns should be in AS NEW CONDITION with FULL PACKING and DOCUMENTATION. If the goods are not in AS NEW condition or missing any packaging or damaged packaging, we reserve the right to refuse refund or a restocking fee of up to 40% will be charged depending on the condition of the returned goods. Delivery costs will not be refunded.

Shipping Errors, Wrong Items, & Damaged On Arrival Items: If your goods arrive defective or in a damaged state, or the item you receive does not match what you ordered, please email customer service with your order number and a brief explanation of the situation. Minor denting or damage to the product box or packaging does not qualify for DOA returns. You will be emailed the steps for completing a return or exchange. Claims for damage, delivery discrepancy etc. should be made within 48 hours of delivery - claims will not be accepted after this time.

3.2 Exceptions

Please note that due to their product nature, some items are ineligible for change of mind returns. These include:

  • Digital Items & Digital Downloads
  • Boxed software, DVDs, or CDs which have been opened
  • Mystery Box bundles
  • Used, B-Stock, and Open-Box items
  • Any products that have been personalised or customised
  • Special order items, unless agreed upon with a sales representative
  • Items missing their original serial number, IMEI, and/or UPC/EAN code
  • Items sold as faulty or broken
  • Any product with a "change-of-mind returns ineligible" disclaimer listed on the web page

Accessories: Low-value accessories including (but not limited to) cases, covers, screen protectors, cables, and batteries are entitled only to 7-Day DOA replacement and are not eligible for change-of-mind returns.

3.3 Additional Returns Info

Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance with RMA.

Products should be returned in their original packaging with all documentation, accessories, battery, stylus, cable, headset etc. enclosed in the initial shipment.

Please note that Expansys must test all returned products before we can issue a refund or exchange any products. Replacement items cannot be sent until the original item has been returned to our warehouse and inspected by our returns department. This is necessary so we are able to file claims on defective or damaged goods with the manufacturer or the shipping company and to verify eligibility for return, replacement, or repair.

Personal Information:

When you return your device, you will need to make sure that it is unlocked and free of security software that might prevent us from being able to access it. If the device is locked or disabled when you return it, we may have to charge you the full cost of the device and/or not process a repair/refund (if applicable).

Note: If you are not able to unlock or deactivate your device, please let us know before returning.

Please be sure that your device is restored to its factory settings without any personal data remaining prior to return. We will not be responsible for any use or disclosure of any data that is on the returned device during the assessment and repair process.

4.0 Warranty Support:

Note: Many of our products are sourced internationally, and as such, may not be eligible for warranty support through the manufacturer. In such cases, warranty support will be facilitated by Expansys. As with returns, some items are ineligible for warranty service. For warranty service provided by Expansys, our terms are as follows:

4.1 Standard Warranty Coverage Period

Please note that Expansys also offers Extended Service Plans on some items. Please click here for more details.

Product Type/ConditionExpansys Warranty Coverage Period
New Products & Devices6 Months
Refurbished Goods3 Months
B-Stock/Open Box Goods30 Days
Bags, Backpacks, Clothing, & Non-Electronic Toys14 Day Returns Only
Low Value AccessoriesDOA Replacement Within 7 Days

Warranty period takes effect from the date when the shipping invoice is issued.

4.2 Product Conditions

New Products & Devices: A new product is a device that has not been used before & is thus "brand-new". New products will be listed as "Condition: New" on the product pages. For a list of frequently asked questions about "New" products & devices, please click here.

Refurbished Goods: Refurbished or reconditioned products may also be referred to as "factory refurbished", "3rd party refurbished", "recertified", "factory reconditioned", or "repackaged". These are used to describe products that have been repaired or repackaged for resale, either by the manufacturer or a 3rd-Party repair center and restored to full working order. Refurbished goods will be listed as "Condition: Refurbished/Reconditioned" on the product pages. Refurbished goods come with 3 months of Expansys Warranty Service. For a list of frequently asked questions about "Refurbished" items, please click here.

B-Stock/Open Box Goods: B-Stock & Open Box goods are goods that have been opened and used by our team for internal marketing purposes, or which have been returned by a customer due to change of mind or replacement. A minor percentage of B-Stock items have had a software reset or been repaired/refurbished. B-Stock goods will be listed as "Condition: B-Stock" on the product pages.

Please note that normal distance selling regulations do not apply to 'not new' products akin to B-Stock items. We offer a 30-day limited warranty for B-Stock goods. If you purchase a B-Stock item, and it turns out to be technically defective, repair services will be offered to buyers within the warranty period. B-Stock Items are ineligible for change-of-mind returns, and we do not provide refund nor replacement for non-defective B-Stock purchases, so please be sure that you want it before you place your order with us.

For a list of frequently asked questions about B-Stock & Open-Box Items, please click here.

Bags, Backpacks, Clothing, & Non-Electronic Toys: These items are covered by our standard 14 day returns policy covering both faulty & change-of-mind returns, but are not eligible for long-term warranty support.

Low Value Accessories: Low-value accessories including (but not limited to) cases, covers, screen protectors, cables, and batteries are entitled only to 7-Day DOA replacement and are not eligible for warranty coverage.

4.3 Standard Warranty Service

Standard Warranty Service Eligibility: Warranty service applies after the 14-day returns eligibility period has ended. During the standard warranty coverage period (see above), if the goods are found to be faulty, the customer can send the faulty goods to our office, together with relevant invoice and EXPANSYS can arrange for repair services.

Standard Warranty Service Shipping Costs: For repair services covered by the warranty within 3 months of the invoice date, round-trip shipping costs will be borne by EXPANSYS. After 3 months, the customer is responsible for arranging the return of goods to Expansys for warranty service, and EXPANSYS will pay for shipping costs back to the customer for repair services covered by the warranty.

Replacements & Repairs Under Warranty Service: Post fault investigation and within the specified warranty period, EXPANSYS repair service will be actioned at our discretion (please see Exclusions below) within 15 working days, at no cost to the customer. If EXPANSYS cannot repair the item within this period we will supply the customer with a suitable refurbished or B-Stock item. If we do not have suitable B-Stock to replace we will source an equal alternative upon agreement with the customer or offer credit for the next purchase. Please contact our Customer Service to request an RMA and follow the instructions to authorise the return of goods. Please refer to the Returns section for more details.

Replacements & Repairs Outside Of Warranty Service: If the goods are found to be faulty after the standard warranty coverage period has expired (see above), or the damage is not covered by the warranty service, the customer can send the faulty goods to our office, EXPANSYS will arrange for repair services. Customer has to bear the repair costs as well as all round-trip shipping expenses. EXPANSYS will test the faulty unit and will provide a quote to the customer and if the customer agrees, we will proceed to repair the faulty unit as we see fit. If not, this will be communicated and the device will be returned to the customer, unrepaired. There will be a nominal shipping and handling charge on top of the repair charges. Shipping charges for returning the items shall be borne by the customers if they decide against repair.

4.4 Standard Warranty Coverage

Expansys warranty service covers the following:
A. Manufacturing software malfunction
B. Manufacturer or hardware defects
C. More than three dead pixels

4.5 Standard Warranty Exclusions

Warranty does not cover the following:
A. Any damages unrelated to manufacturing defects.
B. Product malfunction or damage resulting from liquids or moisture.
C. CID (Customer Induced Damage) and NDF (No Defect Found). CID and NDF status will be notified to the customer when RMA inspection process is completed.
D. Software defects. Damage caused by applications or firm wares which are not compatible with the device.
E. Product has been tampered, repaired and/or modified without official permission. Tampering, rooting, modification or removal of the serial number label shall immediately void the applicable warranty.

Inspection and return shipping fee will be charged at the customer expense when the above causes of RMA return damages are present.

* Please note that for returns of water-resistant device, we cannot guarantee continued water-resistance after opening up the device.

4.6 Extended Service Plans

Expansys offers extended service plans to prolong the life of your device by extending the coverage of our standard warranty service. Extended Service Plans are only available for certain products, must be purchased at the time of your order, and cannot be added once your item has shipped. For repair services covered by Extended Service Plans, round-trip shipping costs will be borne by EXPANSYS.