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Skyroam Hotspot Global WiFi Reviews From Other Regions

  • Skyroam Hotspot
  • by Ian / 24/10/2016
  • Perfect service.
  • Love it!
  • by MJ / 14/07/2016
  • I bought a Skyroam Hotspot Global WiFi (with 5 Daypasses)through Expansys in Hong Kong and I love it! Easy to set up, easy to use. Only slight issue is battery life but this is manageable and I think it's a great product!
  • Skyroam
  • by Thomas Koh / 5/01/2016
  • I used it in London and Amsterdam and it works like a charm. How I wish it could be priced more competitively for longer period extended usage vis-a-vis alternative local data card e.g for 1 or 2 weeks' single location period.
  • SkyRoam
  • by Anonymous / 22/03/2016
  • the device is good, can last for 8-hours long. However, I had experienced the internet speed is slow sometimes, not sure what issues cause this.
  • Perfetto
  • by Anonymous / 3/09/2015
  • Davvero molto utile per chi è sempre in movimento. Io lo uso in Europa e devo dire che la connessione è ottima. Un po' troppo cara la ricarica giornaliera. In Cina costa 4 euro.
  • 24hrs across different countries
  • by Rex Ho / 25/08/2015
  • I start connect at Dubai airport for few hours. After flew to Brazil, it's still within 24 hours after connection start. I found that it is still allowed to connect until 24 hours finish.
  • Skyroam
  • by Anonymous / 21/12/2015
  • Great product except it is too bulky.
  • Skyroam Hotspot: Review
  • by Dr Peter Halliday / 20/08/2015
  • Sir, Thank you for the courtesy of offering me an opportunity to review this device. Setting up was quite easily accomplished. No problems there. I have only tried it here in Hong Kong so far. It seems to be working well. It remains to be seen how it will function in other countries. I am shortly going to Iceland and the U.K. My only significant comment concerns the throttling back of speed at the 350 MB mark; from 3G to 2G. This condition was not mentioned in the advertising material. After I had got the device going, I decided to give it a good test by using one 24 hour package. Initially it worked fine and, yes, I did stream video to, as I say, give it a rigorous test. Lo and behold, speed suddenly reduced significantly - from 3G to 2G. 2G will not support video, or Skype video for that matter. The throttle back explanation was buried in the FAQs. I did not buy the device to stream video, particularly, although I need to do this periodically. 350 MB seems rather parsimonious particularly when you are giving 'unlimited data.' Skype is important to me. Otherwise, I am hoping that this device will greatly help my need for data communications overseas. Thank you. Peter
  • Very slow in HK
  • by GT / 13/09/2017
  • Using my Skyroam in Hong Kong has been extremely slow. I have been staying in the city of Kowloon and just using it with only one device. Not that I have been downloading movies or anything like that, just searching an address is either very slow or looses connectivity.
  • Global WiFi Hotspot
  • by Bilal / 1/09/2020
  • Product is not working wasted my money on this.